pushkar Festival

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Pushkar in Sanskrit means blue lotus flower. It is derived from two Sanskrit words Pushpa and Kar, where Pushpa means flower and Kar- means hand.
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MahaKumbh / Magh Mela

The MaghMela is one of the greatest annual religious affairs of Hindus. According to the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India, this holy..

Nagaur Cattle Fair

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Nagaur is located in Marwar region of Rajasthan, also famous as ‘’Heart of the Thar Desert’’. As Nagaur is a part of Thar-Desert area which suffers with shortage of water....

hola mohalla

hola mohalla

Nestled in the picturesque lower reaches of the Himalayas, and bordered by the Sutlej River to its southwest, Anandpur Sahib, is one of the foremost sacred religious sites....