Why Aagman India

Some of our best memories are made on holiday, and there’s no better way to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones than on an adventurous camping getaway....

Fusion of Luxury and rustic landscape – emerged international and came across India over the last decade, demands form travelers who want the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives. 

Camping with us is a way to experience the rustic outdoors without sacrificing luxury. 

Our camp is in surroundings that let you contemplate and introspect your own life.

Great service, fantastic accommodation with comfortable beds, clean crisp linens and delicious food will make your stay memorable.

When you’re camping with us, the staff is well acquainted with the surroundings here, providing a very personal touch to this place. Evening bonfire with traditional folk music is one of the attractions at our camp. To aid your detoxification process, you will be served complete hygienic and organic food at the camp. All cosy and comfortable rooms are fully furnished with attached bathroom.

Aagman Camping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenities found at our camp far exceed anything recreational campers’ experience. There's simply no better way to relax, reinvigorate or reconnect.

We are the largest luxury camp facilitators with camps in:

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