Mission & Values

The mission and values are not just empty words for us – they guide us in our everyday operations and represent a common denominator for the business and organizational decisions in the company. Each of our products is intended to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for spending their quality leisure time.


The Aagman India supports, advances, promotes and accredits camps throughout India. Our mission is to provide programs and facilities in our camp with a trained service-oriented staff and enrich lives of our guests through adventurous camping. Our mission supports and promotes meaningful developmental, environmental, and recreational experiences for our guests. We engage in activities that enhance the quality and effectiveness of Aagman camps.

    We accomplish this by…

  • fostering the exchange of information and ideas
  • interpreting and coordinating activities that will enhance cooperation with various private, non profit, public, and governmental interests and agencies
  • identifying and creating research, programs, projects and services that will improve the quality and safety of your experience at Aagman camps


A person can learn much about an organization through the values it embraces. Aagman Camp will build and sustain strong relationships and open communication with all of our stakeholders including clients, directors, and staff. Based on a definition of values as core, biblical beliefs which drive a ministry, Aagman India is committed to operating in a way that reflects the following values:

  • A team-oriented environment that is supportive, caring, responsive and fun
  • Integrity, honesty and respect
  • High quality services that are family-oriented, innovative and affordable
  • Ongoing partnerships in the community that strengthen our effectiveness and outreach
  • Being dependable and accountable for choices, actions and commitments
  • Inclusiveness – Fostering a sense of belonging for all.
  • Building relationships and demonstrating concern for the needs of our guests.
  • Openness – Ability and willingness to embrace new and different ideas and to be open to change

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