Angling & Fishing

Angling is not a new sport in India, but of late, it is catching up to be one of the most popular ways of relaxation for tourists who are interested in nature and wilderness. India has been famous among travelers because of its diverse landscape and culture. The sub-Continent, right from the mountains of the Himalayas in the north, to the tropical lushness of Kerala in the

south, is home to innumerable fast flowing rivers and streams that are home to some of the richest cold water fish & fauna.

An angling and fishing adventure-holiday in India provides a unique opportunity to remain in close touch with nature and free you from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Those who want to remain in solitude can enjoy the pristine beauty of the riversides and spend hours in quiet contemplation. So it can be said with absolute certainty that if you are looking for the ultimate angling and fishing destination, India is the answer to your search. It provides you with an endless array of alluring and thrilling options to choose from.

The Indian water system hosts a diverse system of habitats including a wide variety of fish. Some of the favorite fishing prey here are the Mahseer, trout and shark. The Mahseer is famous as the hardest fighting species in the world. India is the only breeding ground for it. This ultimate freshwater fish doesn’t breed anywhere else in the world. India is home to all four of its varieties - the Golden, the Silver, the Silver Grey and the black Mahseers and they are worthy of any fishing enthusiast’s attention.

Fishing season opens from mid September till June first week. As regards best time to fish mid September till mid November the onset of winters here, in the cold season from Mid November till about end of January are far less. With the arrival of spring returns the best fishing season. Sometime from February and all the way till June, fishing is good here. One must, however keep in mind the Indian summers suited to only the hardy angler and are rewarded by frequent catches.

Fishing in India is an adventure every traveler should experience at least once in their lives. The unmatched natural beauty, pristine and varied rivers, colorful culture and friendly inhabitants add to what truly is the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Basic equipments needed for an angling and fishing adventure holiday include hooks, line, rods, spoons, and reel.

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