Mahakumbh Mela - Astrological Aspect

Elemental Meaning of Kumbh

Kumbh is the confluence of all our cultures. It is the symbol of spiritual awakening. It is the eternal flow of humanity. It is the surge of rivers, forests and the ancient wisdom of the sages. It is the flow of life itself. It is the symbol of the confluence of nature and humanity. Kumbh is the source of all energy. Kumbh makes humankind realize this world and the other, sins and blessings, wisdom and ignorance, darkness and light. Holy rivers are the symbols of the lyrical flow of humanity. Rivers are indicators of the flow of water of life in the human body itself. In the human body that is an embodiment of home, nothing is possible without the five elements. The elements – fire, wind, water, earth and sky – symbolize the human body. The great sage-poet Sant Kabir has explained this sublime thought in his typical manner.

The Himalaya is the abode of the soul of the gods. The Holy Ganga embarks upon its journey from there, encompassing the forests, the mountain sages and the culture of the villages. The Yamuna is a co-traveler as it puts an end to all sins, and it is known variously as Tripathga, Shivpuri and other names. This is the Ganga that liberated the children of the Suryavanshi king Sagar. Its holy water is considered nectar itself.

Astrological Aspect

It is explained in the story of Sea Churning that the stars are directly related to the Kumbh festival. Jayant took 12 days to carry the nectar kalash to the heaven. One day of gods was equal to one year of the humans. It is why that in the sequence of stars state at 12th year Kumbh is held at festival places. Meaning of the fair is this festival. It is clear with the mythological study that Kumbh festival and Ganga are specially related. Ganga does flow in Prayag but Godavari of Nasik is also called Ganga. It is known by the name of Gomti Ganga. Shipra is recognized by north branch Ganga of Kashi. From that place, Shipra becomes east branch, where it was once assembled with Ganga. The phellus named Gangeshwar is worshipped there by Ganga. This fact is explained by the two couplets of Brahm Purana and Skandha Purana-

" विन्ध्यस्य दक्षिणे गंगा गौतमी सा निगद्यते
उत्तरे सापि विन्ध्यस्य भगीरत्यभिधीयते । "

" एव मुक्त्वा गता गंगा कलया वन संस्थिता
गंगेश्वरं तु यः पश्येत स्नात्वा शिप्राम्भासि प्रिये। "

In continuation to Astrological calculation event of Kumbh (a festival occurring every 12 years) takes place in 4 ways.

In the event of entrance of Jupiter in Aquarius (Zodiac sign) and entrance of Sun in Aries (Zodiac sign) Kumbh festival is held at Haridwar.

" पद्मिनी नायके मेषे कुम्भ राशि गते गुरोः ।
गंगा द्वारे भवेद योगः कुम्भ नामा तथोत्तमाः।। "

In the event of entrance of Jupiter in Aries circle and entrance of Sun and Moon in Capricorn Kumbh Festival is held at Prayag on the lunar conjunction day (अमावस्या)

" मेष राशि गते जीवे मकरे चन्द्र भास्करौ ।
अमावस्या तदा योगः कुम्भख्यस्तीर्थ नायके ।। "

In another series of calculation

मकरे च दिवा नाथे ह्मजगें च बृहस्पतौ कुम्भ योगोभवेत्तत्र प्रयागे ह्यति दूलर्भ:

in the event of entrance of Sun in Capricorn and entrance of Jupiter in Taurus Kumbh Festival is held at Prayag.

In the event of entrance of Jupiter in Leo Kumbh Festival is held at Nasik on the bank of river Godavari and in the event of entry of Jupiter in Leo and entry of Sun in Aries Kumbh Festival is held at Ujjain.

" सिंह राशि गते सूर्ये सिंह राशौ बृहस्पतौ ।
गोदावर्या भवेत कुम्भों जायते खलु मुक्तिदः ।। "

" मेष राशि गते सूर्ये सिंह राशौ बृहस्पतौ ।
उज्जियन्यां भवेत कुम्भः सदामुक्ति प्रदायकः ।। "

Astrological options, as that of Prayag, are also available for Nasik and Ujjain.

" कर्के गुरू स्तथा भानुचन्द्रश्चन्द्रर्क्षगतस्था ।
गोदावर्या तदा कुम्भो जयाते Sवनि मण्डले ।। "

When Jupiter, Sun and Moon enters in Cancer on lunar conjunction (Amavasya - last day of the dark half of a month) then also Kumbh Festival is held on the bank of river Godavari.

" घरेसूरिः शशि सूर्य कुह्मं दामोदरे यदा।
धरायां च तदा कुम्भों जायते खलु मुक्तिद: ।। "

" अहं राष्ट्री संगमनी वसूनाम्श् "

When Jupiter enters in Libra and Sun & Moon remain together on Kartik Amavasya (8th month of Hindu year) then also Moksha Dayak (Free from all bonds) Kumbh Festival is held at Ujjain.

In mythologies––Naaradiya Purana (Mythology) 2/66/44 Shiva Purana (Mythology) 1/12/22/-23 Astrological analysis is available in Barah Purana (Mythology) 1/71/47/48 & Brahma Purana (Mythology) regarding events of Kumbh (a festival occurring every 12 years) and Ardh Kumbh (a festival occurring in between every 12 years i.e. 6 years). Kumbh Festival starts from Haridwar in the interval of every 3 years. It is said that after Haridwar Kumbh Festival is celebrated at Prayag, Nasik and Ujjain. Kumbh festival at Prayag is celebrated after 3 years of Kumbh Festival at Haridwar and there is a difference of 3 years between the Kumbh Festivals at Prayag and Nasik but the Kumbh Festival at Nasik and Ujjain is celebrated in the same year. Sometimes Kumbh Festival at Nasik is celebrated before Ujjain.

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